Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Can playing games make a difference to workplace culture?

Here is a quick question 

Have you ever played games at work?

No, I am not talking about playing a sneaky game of candy crush on your phone whilst no one is looking.
I am talking about playing a game that has a purpose and meaning for both colleagues and your organisation.

Could organisational gameplay be the key to a more engaged workforce, more effective team, and higher productivity?

Research has shown how playing games impacts the brain positively by increasing motivation, improving memory, driving efficiency, and even enhancing feelings of empathy among your team.
There is nothing more invigorating to the human spirit than working towards a common goal with like-minded friends who are equally dogged and passionate. It doesn’t just give us meaning and fulfillment; it inspires us to create those same feelings for others.
When we were asked to help Stonewater to develop a organisational wide game for their recent staff conference, we understood that part of our role was to also build something worthy of ownership, that inspired meaningful contributions and ideas.


From the original brief to project implementation, we worked closely with Stonewater’s communications, digital and people teams which was an amazing collaborative experience that helped bring The GRID to life.

Collaborative team-based game was a highly effective way of communicating the organisations strategy and vision.

Providing a place for organisational gameplay can provide a sense of freedom, motivation, and meaningful work once completed and what greater honor is there than to help others live and work  well and to inspire them to actualise their potential?

I can’t think of any.

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