Wednesday, 23 December 2015

We’re Hiring…

Design Force is a boutique creative agency based in Leyland, Lancashire, producing innovative and creative design for our wide range of clients for the last 17 years.

Brand Design, Strategic Thinking and Planning, Graphic Design, Advertising, Digital Design, Design for Print; we do it all with a bit more thought and real world relevance.

We work hard and are extremely passionate about everything we do and we are now looking for a Senior Graphic Designer who is of the same mindset, if you’re looking for your next challenge and wanting to play a key role in helping drive change in design this could be the perfect job for you.

‪You: ‬‬

‪Working as a key member of the studio, you will have responsibility for conception, development and delivery of creative solutions across print and digital media. You’ll be concept driven, have a love for copy with an in-depth knowledge of Graphic Design, Art Direction and Branding and real passion for all things design.‬‬‬

‬As a small agency, we will require you to be happy taking briefs from client briefing and initial concept stage through to artwork and production.

We are looking for someone that has the ability to work autonomously and who enjoys being hands on with their own briefs whilst also being comfortable taking the creative lead when required. A real willingness to learn and a passion to produce visually stimulating work is vital.

You should have a keen eye for typography and an understanding of the creative strategy and context of your work. This will be a client-facing role, so the ability and confidence to talk creatively and present to clients is very important.


•    ‬You will need the ability to take a creative brief and work it through to completion and presentation and enjoy generating strong concepts.

•    As part of a small team, you will also contribute to building relationships with clients and other associated partners whilst inputting into ideas generation, support the creative director in helping to shape each client’s ongoing objectives.

•    You will be responsible for continually developing our network of potential collaborators and freelance suppliers, including illustrators, photographers, animators, developers, copywriters conceptual thinkers and other creative specialists

•    Have the ability to take responsibility for the quality of work developed within the studio.

•    The ability to deliver against tight and complex timelines.

•    Be sensitive to current trends influencing design.

•    Have the ability to manage multiple projects and priorities your workload.

•    Have strong written and oral communication skills.

•    Have excellent communication and presentation skills.

•    You will report to the Director/Creative Director

…and make a great cup of tea and enjoy a biscuit or two.

When applying for this position please send examples of your work, your CV and a covering letter detailing your salary expectations and why you would be a perfect fit for us.

If your inspired and like the sound of this challenge and want to get the ball rolling. Please email
Salary depending on experience.‬

Friday, 24 July 2015

Introducing our new Senior Account Manager...

Whilst we are always putting forward the best way to strengthen your proposition we have decided to add some value to ours, with a newly acquired Senior Account Manager - Jennie! Jennie joins us having previously worked as a Campaign Manager for a leading NHS Commissioning Support Unit and a similar role within a Bolton based creative agency. With a true DFA persona, Jennie has come on board to whip us all into shape (well, not literally), taking a leading role in shaping the client services offer whilst contributing to strategy, account management and communications for the group.

Simon comments… with a variety of strings to her bow, Jennie joins us at an exciting time for the agency in terms of growth and company evolution. We’re all excited about the contribution she can bring to the team and our, very valued, clients.

2015 is already shaping up to be a great year for DFA and there is lots more in the pipeline, so watch this space!

The creative brief – 5 simple steps

A creative brief is one of the key things we like to get to right here at Design Force. Personally, we like to scope this process out with you...getting a feel for your role, your organisation whilst asking questions that really get under the skin of what it is you’re trying to achieve.

Often we see communications that isn’t considered or fit for purpose. That’s a real shame in our eyes as marketing budgets need to work harder than ever these days. We get that!

We’d always approach the creative brief together but just in case you wanted a little guideance, here are 5 steps to help.

Step 1 – What are you aiming for?
In its simplest terms what is it that needs be done? 

Step 2  - Project Introduction
No one can immediately understand what’s in your head, only you know that. You need to help the agency build up a picture of you/your organisation and then the project in hand.

Step 3 – Who are you talking to?
Can you paint a picture of the types of people you want to receive and resonate with your brand/product / message? Don’t worry there can be lots of different types of people you are aiming your marketing at.

Step 4 – Project specifics
What do you already have in place? Do you talk to your audience in a particular way,
does your organization already have brand values or a mission statement?

Step 5 - The Single Minded Proposition (SMP)
Last but certainly not least! What is the single most important message you want to communicate?  This should be the one thing you want your reader to remember once they have seen your marketing.

Whilst the above outlined steps provide a great start, it may be that even the first steps needs a little work.
Don’t feel stuck…Talk to us about the great work we’ve been doing in our brand workshops!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Brand-Driven Change

Any agency worth its salt will make it clear that your brand is more than your logo: it’s your values, what you stand for, the experience that your customers have at every touch point.

Design Force Associates |  Brand-Driven Change

We believe your brand is your engine of change: the driving force behind the culture you build, the decisions you make and the behaviours you inspire.

As the common touch point for customers, staff, directors, suppliers and shareholders alike, your brand is the crucible of sustainable change within your organisation.

When built properly—when designed—it stimulates desire, loyalty, motivation and trust, internally and externally. It drives change that all stakeholders can participate in, contribute to and own. Yes, you might need research and insight, strategy and creative, social and digital. But what you definitely do need is Brand-Driven Change.

But don’t worry, it’s what we do. If you would like to run a Brand-Driven Change workshop contact our Creative Director, Simon, for details.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

What Is Design | The Power of Linkedin

"Design is not just what is looks and feels like. Design is how it works." Steve Jobs once said this, in relation to Apple product, and he was right. He still is right. As a designer, you can quickly get caught up in how something looks, whether you're happy with the design you've settled on for a client, but it is a whole other job to actually design something that changes people's lives.

What Is Design | The Power of Linkedin - Steve Jobs Quote

Linkedin is a place to see how and where you stand as a professional, build and keep in touch with your network, and get the knowledge you need to progress. Sounds like a huge task doesn't it? That's because with something as potentially powerful as Linkedin it has to work in a way that will suit and benefit every single user.

To make Linkedin work there are a number of things that have to be the main focus -

  1. A strong brand that can sit with other successful social platforms.
  2. Smart user interface that is simple and easy to use.
  3. A strong understanding of the human mind to give the user exactly what they will want and need.

Creating something like Linkedin, when nothing like it has been done before (bar Facebook) will have been a mammoth task. So design isn't just how something looks, but how it works too. How it works technically and how it works to benefit each and every user. What is design to you? Share your thoughts over in our Linkedin group and keep the discussion going!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

What Is Design | Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a way of strategising for designers to help them solve complex problems for their clients, that put the consumer first.

Many ways of building a strategy are from looking from the outside, but design thinking is putting yourself on the inside. For example, thinking like a consumer, or potential customer, will give you a different idea of where to start than if you stay in the mind of 'just a designer'.

What Is Design | Design Thinking

Design isn't just creativity and skill, it's finding a way to the desired outcome, while being functional, beautiful and simplistic. It involves both logical analysis and imagination.

What Is Design | Design Thinking - Design is everything

Design can be, and is, applied to everything you ever see. Products, services, buildings, fashion, advertising, physical locations… anything that involves human interaction or use. It is also used for processes, which play a big part in the way we work, live and interact with others. Design is everything, and everywhere.

What do you design? Would you call yourself a designer? Leave your thoughts on

Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool Marathon 2015

Sunday saw Anthony Clarke, our Senior Digital Developer and Designer, take on his second consecutive Liverpool Marathon, in what is becoming a marathon year for big events such as this.

Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool Marathon 2015

Not the most auspicious of starts to the day, confounded and confused by the city centre road closures, Anthony was unable to get to the car park near the start, that he used last year. Consequently he spent an hour desperately trying to find a spot and with only minutes to spare he went beyond the 'access restRicted' sign, only to find he could get to a John Lewis car park in the centre.

At this point and in full panic mode he parked, lost his parking ticket and proceeded to sprint to the start line dying for the loo! A quick pit stop later and he darted towards the start, the very last one over the line after Mr and Mrs Potato head before they put the barriers across!
So, he was off! By this time going far too fast and passing the various pace makers that he swore he would not pass under any circumstances. By this time he was late and undertrained, but because of the awful start he was living in the blissful land of ignorance. He went on his merry way around one of his favorite cities, Liverpool, passing many a landmark, not least his beloved Anfield to name but one. By mile eight he realised once again, the possibility of a good time was well and truly out of the window!

Well into surival mode the miles slowly dropped away as he passed stage after stage occupied by many local talented musicans and DJ's, the rock and roll series truly has a unique atmosphere and character. A new point after the two thirds point was to pass the gates of one of our valued clients, Liverpool College, and just before it we had to run up and down the legendary 'Penny Lane' (well it was the 'rock and roll' Marathon after all!)

Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool Marathon 2015 - Anthony Clarke

With the immortal song blasting out on a nonstop loop, that poor DJ must have been brain washed by the end of the end. Drawing towards the close at mile 23 Anthony, much to his surprise, caught and passed the the 5 hour pace maker, someone he thought had left him for dead miles back. But, alas, with fatigue well and truly at home he was unable to stay with the pace, thus he turned back down the Mersey and headed for home thinking as the song says... 'Good times, bad times gimme some that'.

So as he and his new best friend (a girl who was equally drained) approached the finish, you can imagine to their surpise, they'd caught the 5 hour pace makers and in Anthony's case at least was on for a new PB and about to break the 5 hour mark.

As his fellow runner quite eloquently put it, 'Ooo get us!'